The game of scratch cards didn’t change even with its adaptation into the online arena. Online scratch cards still offer the same thrill as their traditional store-bought cards do, only that the game got even more convenient.

There are many reasons why scratch cards continue to top the list of the best online casino games—first, ease of play. Scratch cards is a 100% random game. Besides monitoring the jackpots to determine the best time to play scratch cards, there are no other complicated strategies or rules to follow.

Secondly, compared to games, such as roulette and baccarat, playing scratch cards in India requires a minuscule investment. Most online casinos will allow you to play with as little as Rs. 100 and still stand a chance to win lakhs worth of prizes or even sweep the board.

How to play scratch cards online in India

If you want to play scratch cards for real money, the first step is to identify a reliable online casino and sign up with it. 1XBet tops our recommendations for top casinos for scratch cards with its $1 minimum deposit. Royal Panda, Jeep Play, and Genesis Casino are other terrific options, especially if you’re into online slot machines too.

As we’ve mentioned above, the concept of playing scratch cards remains the same both online and offline. The only minor difference when done online is that there is a game interface to navigate. Most of them are pretty much straightforward, though.

In most cases, playing online scratch cards simply involves clicking a coin selector button to determine the size of your stake. Next, you’ll be presented with a new card that you scratch to reveal the digits.

Most interfaces allow you to scratch the card using your mouse or even your finger for touch-sensitive screens. If you bought multiple cards, there’s an option to use a single button to reveal all the cards at once. After revealing the symbols, any winnings are credited to your account.

Tips for Playing Online Scratch Cards

  • You’re better off buying pricier tickets as they have higher returns
  • If your budget allows, buying scratch cards in bulk increases your chances of winning big
  • Always set a budget of how much you can comfortably spend on stakes

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