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Welcome to Casino Hub, the place where you can find out the latest on what the newest and best online casinos in India have to offer. We know it can be tricky identifying which online casinos are legal, which is why you can put your trust in us as the main source for legal and fun casinos.

How Do We Choose & Review the Best Casinos?

When researching what the best online casinos are, we take several factors into account that starts with regulated and licensed casinos. Therefore, you can feel confident in knowing that the casinos we mention follow the same set of rules to ensure that you can play legally and have fun. 

In addition to this, we review casinos that have a wide variety of games available. The best online casino sites have a good range of games to make sure that people enjoy coming back time and time again. 

We consider the methods that casinos use for deposits and withdrawals when narrowing down the search for reviews. The top casinos provide you with a range of withdrawal and payment options to ensure that the entire process is as simple as possible.

Online casinos in India that allow players to make withdrawals and pay with Mastercard, Visa, Neteller, and Skrill are among the best. We take these payment methods into consideration when picking the best casinos.

The speed at which casinos can payout is another aspect we take into account when reviewing the best online casino for Indian players.

Why Choose CasinoHub for Online Casino Reviews?

There are so many online casinos to choose from in India in 2020 which can make it seem like a daunting task. Here, at CasinoHub, we take pride in being able to make the decision-making process as simple and headache-free as possible.

When looking through our site, you’ll find breakdowns on the various casinos that we recommend, as well as other information that can be useful for people who are new to online casinos.

We also only review the best online casinos by doing extensive research so that you don’t have to. Choosing CasinoHub for casino reviews enables you to quickly and easily find the online casinos that are right for you. 

Popular Casino Games

The best online casinos will provide you with a good range of games to play. One of the signs that a casino is top-tier is that it provides players with more modern and traditional games.

In this section, we take you through the various casino games that you can play online that are popular in India. 

Slot Machines

Slot machines are one of the more common games to find in casinos all around the globe. So, if an online casino is missing this game, it’s a sign that it may not be among the best.

Playing on slot machines can be a lot of fun with lower risk due to how you can wager smaller amounts of money. Starting prices are usually low which lets you have fun for hours without being at a huge loss if you end up not winning.


Blackjack is among the traditional casino games that most online casinos in India have available. One of the reasons why people love Blackjack so much is because it combines luck and skill, which can lead to a great thrill. 

A lot of the time, a computer acts as the dealer when playing online, instead of a real person. However, if you choose the live casino games, you can find real dealers to play against. There are also variations of the classic Blackjack game which means you have a variety to pick from and have fun. 


Roulette is an incredibly popular casino game that will be found in all the top online casinos in India. The draw for roulette is the high stakes as it can be a rush to come back to, over and over again to see if this is the time you get lucky. 

You can still enjoy playing roulette with lower stakes too, which means you don’t have to be nervous about putting too much money on the line. 


Poker is a favorite among casino lovers due to how there are so many small nuances in the game. Over time, poker players develop the ability to increase their chances of winning through skill and experience.

You can also have a lot of fun playing it more casually. However, poker isn’t a game that all Indian online casinos offer. The ones that do have the game often include tournaments with big prizes.


Many online casinos in India include Bingo as it’s a more lighthearted and fun game to be involved in for the more casual player as there’s no strategy involved – just luck. You’re usually given cards with different numbers on them with the hopes that your numbers get selected randomly.

Once you have had enough numbers picked, you’re eligible to win a prize. The type of prize will vary depending on how many of your numbers got picked. 

The Best Bonuses for Indian Players

Bonuses are a marketing strategy that online casinos use to entice you to use their service. It serves as a great benefit for players as you can use these bonuses to play and have the chance to make even more profit.

It can be confusing trying to understand what the various bonuses mean. The section below takes you through the different bonuses that are available so that you can make the most informed decision about which online casino to pick based on the bonuses they offer. 

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses are the most popular kind of bonus that you’ll see when being welcomed to a new online casino. The differences with deposit bonuses come in the amounts that they provide you with, as well as the requirements for wagering. 

It’s common to find deposit bonuses that provide you with a complete match based on the first deposit that you make. For example, if you deposited Rs. 15,000, the casino would provide you with Rs. 15,000 as well so that you have a total of Rs. 30,000 to use in their online casino. 

When it comes to withdrawing Indian rupees that have been won through using bonuses, you’ll need to take a look at the requirements for wagering. These requirements may differ for various casino websites.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses are a different type of welcome bonus that is less common compared to regular deposit bonuses. This kind of deposit allows you to receive money from the casino to be used on games. 

This can be great as it means that you don’t need to use any of your real money, to begin with. You can simply make a new account to receive the bonus and start playing. However, these deposits are usually considerably lower compared to the deposit bonuses. 

Instead of something like Rs. 15,000, you’re likely to receive a bonus of closer to Rs. 1,000 to play with.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are made for players who are already signed up to a casino website. Reload bonuses work similarly to deposit bonuses, except that you’re able to use them over and over. 

Most people use their reload bonus after they’ve made a withdrawal with their balance. You can also make use of reload bonuses during times where you’ve lost in a casino game. In addition to this, you’ll need to refill this reload bonus if your account runs out of money by simply making another deposit. 

The reload bonus works to provide you with extra money on top of what you’ve deposited. 

Free Spins

Free spins enable you to play slot machines for free. When you receive free spins, the casino site is providing you with the ability to make spins without having to spend any money. 

If you’re new to playing online slot machines, this can be a superb bonus to help you get familiar with the game before you start using your own money. This can minimize the risk and enable you to have fun once you’re happy with how everything works. 

Some online casinos give you free spins upon signing up as a welcome bonus. For others, they’ll also give free spins to existing members every now and then. You can also find online casinos in India that provide free spins on a much more regular basis to existing members. 


Cashback is a bonus offered by online casinos that enables you to receive money that makes up part of your losses. Some online casinos provide cashback weekly, but you should check the terms for the online casino that you choose. 

Usually, the site provides you with a certain percentage of the losses that you experience when you’ve signed up for the cashback bonus. It can be a handy bonus for helping you to manage your losses.

How To Find the Best Casino Bonus?

All online casinos have some type of welcome bonus. To find the one that’s best for you, be sure you understand what the differences between the various bonuses are. You can then assess what type of bonus you think would work best for you. 

You also must consider the wagering requirements that are set out by online casinos. Wagering requirements let you know the number of times you need to wager the bonus before you’re able to withdraw it. 

Wagering requirements will vary depending on the online casino that you’re playing with. They can start as low as 5 and go all the way up to 50 plus. For example, if you need to wager 10 times, you’ll be able to withdraw your money a lot easier and quicker compared to if the wager was 50 or more. 

Therefore, if you’re interested in withdrawing casino bonuses quicker and easier, find the bonuses with the lower wagering necessities. In addition to the wagering requirement, you need to be aware of expiration dates.

These bonuses have expiration dates that mean you have a certain time limit to wager and withdraw the money. 

Expiration Dates

If your wagering requirement is 40, most people would find that it’s definitely possible to complete. However, if you’re also given a time limit of 14 days to do it, you’re going to find it much more difficult.

So, we recommend finding Indian gambling sites that have generous or realistic expiration dates to ensure that you’re able to make the most out of your casino bonuses. We recommend funding sites that have expiration dates that are no less than 30 days. 

This enables you to have plenty of time to complete the wagers and still enjoy yourself as you won’t have to be stressing or rushing as much. You can find wagering requirements that even as long as up to 90 days long, which is plenty of time.

Contributing Games

Depending on the casino game that you’re playing, you may only receive a partial amount of the wager. So, you should be prepared for some to provide you with the full wagering amount, and for some to only give you part. 

When it comes to slot machines, for example, you’ll most likely be receiving all of the wagering requirements. However, some card games may give as little as 10%. This is largely because card games involve more skill which players can influence which makes it more of a risk for Indian gambling sites.

However, when you’re playing slot machines, there’s only luck involved which makes it easier for casino sites to predict the outcomes. So, if you’re playing blackjack with a wagering requirement of 20 and there’s only a 10% contribution, you’d need to wager the money and win it back a total of 200 times. 

Of course, this is a difficult task which means you’d be better off trying other games that offer higher contributions. 

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

When you’re making deposits, you’ll need to choose the type of payment method that you want to use. This means that you’ll need to provide your payment details to make withdrawals and deposits. 

The best online casinos offer popular payment methods in India that include Neteller, Skrill, Visa, and Mastercard.

Verifying the payment method that you choose enables you to withdraw and deposit money quicker. The best online casinos for Indian players include data protection and high-end encryption to keep your information safe. 

Online Casinos in India – Player’s Guide

Now that you know more about what factors there are to consider before you choose an online casino, we’re going to go through some additional aspects to think about to help you feel more confident about choosing online casinos that are right for you. 

Is It Illegal to Play Online Casinos In India?

Currently, the laws in India regarding casinos apply to the ones based on land. The laws that apply to land-based casinos aren’t as clear as they could be which has confused gamblers in India. 

The Public Gambling Act was established in 1867, so they’re pretty dated and do not apply to online casinos. Therefore, Indian players can play in online casinos without being worried about prosecution. 

Only Diu, Sikkim, and Goa are the states in India that let offshore and land-based casinos function. These are laws that came about during the 1990s and they’ve contributed to a lot of tourism by attracting more people to come and play. 

Do’s and Dont’s In Online Casinos 

There’s a range of things to do and things not to do when it comes to playing in online casinos. If you’re new to online casinos, check out the do’s and dont’s below to feel more comfortable about playing.


  • At CasinoHub, we recommend that you give yourself a budget to stick to when playing. This will help you have fun and not end up spending too much money. Once you reach the limit, make sure that you stop playing to avoid losing more money. 
  • If you’re unsure about how a game works, see if there are any bonuses you can use to see how it all works before you start using your own money. You may also be able to play with “fake money” before signing up to see how games work.
  • It’s important to keep yourself accountable for these do’s because you want to continue enjoying online casino games and not end up stressing and borrowing money to gamble with. 


  • If you reach your budget limit, avoid the temptation of betting more in an attempt to make the money back as you may just be digging yourself a bigger hole. 
  • Moreover, if you’re on a winning streak, don’t become too confident because you can lose it all within seconds. So, be mindful of when to quit and don’t carry on too long after consecutive wins.
  • Don’t start playing online gambling in India if you’ve been intoxicated. This can lead to poor decisions that you may regret when sober. 

Information You Should Know When Signing Up To Online Casinos

When you’re looking to sign up for a new online casino in India, you may see that you can try out the games for free before making an account. This is a superb way to test out the games and see if it’s worth signing up to.

Alternatively, some sites will let you sign up and play using Indian rupees. The best Indian online casinos have a range of withdrawal and deposit methods that make it easy to play with money. 

How To Know If a Casino Is Safe?

The top and most trusted online casinos for 2020 in India will have the MGA license. This is a license that’s authorized under market regulations. For casinos to function in certain states in India, they’ll need to have this license. 

One of the reasons as to why seeing the MGA license for an online casino makes it safer is because you can make formal complaints to them. Therefore, players have a form of protection against online casinos. 

An MGA license lets you know that the online casino follows certain guidelines that are strict to ensure that players are treated fairly. In addition to this, an MGA license means that the online casino is being consistently monitored to better protect players. 

How to Play Responsibly?

When you create an account with your chosen online casino site, you can find settings within your profile that let you set limits. As a result, you won’t have to worry about when you’re over the limit with how much you’re spending or making in profits as the account will automatically limit you. 

This is an easy way to focus on having fun and learning to play responsibly. You can create session limits that let you put a restriction on the amount of time that you spend playing. In addition to this, you can set wagering, losses, and deposit limits to prevent becoming irresponsible and getting carried away. 

Online Gambling vs. Land-Based Casino in India

You can only find three states in India that have land-based casinos. These states include Sikkim, Goa, and Daman. The land-based casinos within these states are usually found as part of luxurious locations, such as high-end hotels to attract tourists and the wealthy to come and play. 

There are no other legal land-based casinos in India. Therefore, people who want to play online gambling in India who aren’t living in Daman, Goa, or Sikkim would need to travel there. 

Playing in land-based casinos provides you with a different experience as there are more people around to interact with. This makes more of a difference when it comes to the games that involve a level of skill.

However, online casinos are fantastic if you just wanted to unwind and have fun playing casino games at home. You can even get these games on your phone to play no matter where you are. 

Furthermore, online casinos provide you with a huge variety of games that you can play compared to land-based casinos. 

Checklist for Finding the Best Online Casino In India 

Finding a casino that accepts players who are from India is the first aspect to look out for. You should then look at whether the casino is properly licensed to ensure it’s legal. Once you’re happy that the online casino of your choice accepts you to play and is licensed, you should consider the level of customer support that’s available. 

If you see that the customer support isn’t so great, this could be a big enough reason to look for another online casino. When you have any issues with online casinos, being able to rely on a customer support team that’s helpful will make it much simpler and less stressful to fix the issue. 

Since issues can often involve real money, it’s best to play with an online casino that has a quality customer support option to help you out. 

Furthermore, be sure that the online casino has a good range of games for you to play. The last thing you want is getting bored with a limited number of games. Having more games available means that you can try out different games and have fun.

The quality of the games matters too. Just because an online casino has tons of games, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better. Therefore, you’ll want to strike that balance between having a good variety of games that are also high-quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What casino game provides the highest return?

In most cases, table games, such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat provide the highest return when online gambling in India.

What payment methods do most people use?

It’s common for most people to use payment methods that include Skrill, Neteller, Mastercard, VISA, or a direct bank transfer.

Can online casino games be fixed?

Unlike land-based casinos, online casino games cannot be fixed. This is because the systems operate with random number generators that no one knows the outcome of.

How old do you need to be to legally gamble in India?

You must be 21 years old and over to legally gamble in India.

How can you sign up for online casinos?

The best online casinos for Indian players make it super easy for you to create an account. On their homepage, you can find a register section where you simply need to fill out the details, accept the terms and conditions, and you can start playing.

Can you find bonuses without wagering requirements?

You can find bonuses that don’t require wagering requirements. However, they’re pretty difficult to find and generally pretty rare across online casinos in India.

What are the most trustworthy online gambling licenses?

Malta, Philippines, Gibraltar, Alderney, UK, and Curacao are among the most trustworthy areas for gambling licenses.

What documents can be requested from online casinos?

You may be asked to provide proof of payment methods, proof of address, and proof of your ID through a birth certificate or driving license.

How easy is it to deposit money with an online casino in India?

Most online casinos make it easy for you to deposit money. Be sure to check that your chosen online casino has deposit methods that work best for you. The best online casinos in India make it nice and easy to withdraw and deposit money.

Can you withdraw welcome bonuses?

Withdrawing welcome bonuses right away is usually not possible. You must fulfill the wagering requirement before being able to withdraw the bonus money. Once you’ve completed the wagering requirement, you’re able to withdraw the real money that you’ve won.