The game of bingo is said to have been invented in Italy around the 16th century before spreading worldwide. This is a type of lotto where players mark off numbers on a ticket as they are called out or drawn randomly by a caller. When playing online bingo, the numbers appear on the screen.

When playing bingo online or offline, the main objective is to cover all the numbers in a ticket/card to reveal the predetermined pattern. When playing bingo online, there is an option to mark off the numbers manually or have a software daub them for you automatically. The latter makes more sense, especially if you have multiple cards, as this is a fast-paced game.

How to play bingo

To start playing bingo online, you’ll begin by identifying a trusted online bingo casino in India. You stand a good chance to win real money playing online bingo at Casinogods. We’ve also had a good time at Betway Live, Leovegas, and Royal Panda.

After signing up with your best online casino for bingo in India and making your first deposit, you’ll need to navigate through the site and learn the bingo schedule. Similar to land-based casino bingo, online bingo is a multiplayer game that follows a pre-arranged schedule. Luckily, most online casinos have bingo games kicking off every couple of minutes.

There are different types of bingo games online, including 90-ball, 80-ball, 75-ball, 50-ball, and 30-ball. Don’t worry too much, though, as the rules vary only slightly depending on the size of the cards. 

After identifying your favourite game and clicking on it, you’ll be directed to a bingo room where you purchase bingo tickets/cards. For starters, it’s advisable to start with one or two cards. Experienced bingo players may purchase multiple tickets as it increases the fun besides boosting your chances of winning.

The game starts once the caller starts drawing the numbers as the players mark them off on their tickets. As mentioned earlier, you can mark them manually or let the casino software do it for you. You win a bingo game if you’re the first to cross off the numbers that reflect the predetermined winning line or pattern.

Online bingo tips

  • Read and understand the rules before playing various bingo games
  • Always set a budget and keep within it
  • Although big jackpots attract crowds of people, they offer higher chances of winning big money

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