For long, blockbusters, such as James Bond’s Casino Royale, have depicted baccarat as a game for the high rollers. However, the online gaming environment has revolutionized this, and baccarat is increasingly popular among small stake players today.

Baccarat is a card game between the player (no, not you) and the banker. The aim is to get cards with a total value of 9 or thereabouts. The hand that gets closest to 9 wins. All you do is predict who will win between the 2.

In case you’re wondering, it’s possible to get a card value of 9 when playing baccarat because of the following unique tallying rules;

  • All 10’s and face cards (J, K, and Q) are counted as zero
  • Ace is equal to 1
  • All the other cards 2-9 are counted at face value (2=2 and 9=9)

How to play Baccarat

To play online baccarat in India, you start by placing a wager and betting on which hand will win. Next, the player and the banker are dealt 2 cards each face-up. If any of the 2 hands gets a value of 8 or 9 after the first dealing, that’s called a neutral, and that hand wins. If the two hands have equal value, that’s a tie, and you get your money back.

If none of the hands wins after the first dealing, the game continues. A third card is dealt to either the player or banker in line with a set of strict rules listed below. 

Baccarat game rules


  • If the value of the first 2 cards is worth 6 or 7, a third card is not issued
  • If the value of the first 2 cards is 5 or less, a third card is issued


  • If the card value is 5 or less and the player wasn’t dealt a card, the banker gets a new card.
  • If the player got a third card worth 2 or 3, the banker will be dealt another card if his current hand is 4 or less.
  • If the player got a third card worth 4 or 5, the banker will be dealt a card if his current hand is less than 5.
  • If the player is dealt a third card worth 6 or 7, the banker will get a third card only if the first 2 cards are worth 6 or less.
  • In case the player takes a third card worth 8, the banker will get a new card if the current value is 2 or less.
  • The banker will get a new card if the first 2 cards have a value of 3 or less only if the player has been dealt any of the following cards as his third card: 9,10, J, K, and Q.

Remember that you’re not overworking your mind to get the best hand in baccarat. So, you don’t necessarily need to understand the rules above. All you do is predict who is going to win- the player or banker.

If you bet on the player and the player wins, you win even money (you get a rupee for every rupee). If you bet on the banker and that side wins, you get even money, too, but you’ll have to pay 5% of your winnings as a commission fee to the house.

Casinowinner, Jeetplay, and Genesis Casino are among the best Indian casinos if you want to learn how to play baccarat and win real money.

Secret Tips for Winning Baccarat Game

  • The probability tends to favour the banker in most instances. If you’re new, start by betting on the banker.
  • Always avoid betting on a tie
  • If you notice a lucky streak, run with it
  • Forget card counting in baccarat

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