Best Deposit Bonus

Deposit Bonus is a bonus that you get after depositing money into your account. It’s called that because you have to deposit a certain amount to activate it. Online casinos offer deposit bonuses as a way of motivating you to put money into your account.

There are different types of deposit bonuses, but the most common, and what you’ve probably seen, is a bonus that says 100% up to x amount. For instance, when you join Betway India as a new player, you get a deposit bonus of 100% up to ₹8000. 100% is the percentage that the casino promises to match whatever you deposit. ₹8000 is the maximum amount that they can match. The latter prevents you from depositing massive amounts of money with the hope of a huge deposit bonus.

For instance, in the example above, when you sign-up at Betway and deposit ₹1000, an extra ₹1000 is automatically credited to your account. However, if you deposit, let’s say, ₹9000, you’ll still get ₹8000 because that’s the maximum cap.

The percentage match bonus and maximum cap vary between casinos. 50% is the lowest deposit bonus that we’ve seen. But we’ve also seen competitive rates of up to 200%.

Special deposit bonuses

Most online casinos offer a deposit bonus with your first deposit only. Others will make the deal sweeter by giving you a bonus on your 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th deposit. How cool is that? 

The percentage match bonus for subsequent deposits may be lowered consecutively, for instance, 75% on your 2nd, 50% on 3rd, and 25% on 4th, but it’s still a good deal regardless.