Best Cashback Bonus (Get Cash Back on Every Casino Deposit!)

Winning in online casinos requires plenty of skills and luck. But as a gambler, you probably know that the latter is not always on our side, so losing is part of the thrill. So cashback is an amount of money that a casino gives back to you as part of what you’ve lost in a certain period.

The amount of cashback you receive is often a percentage of what you’ve spent (read lost). This percentage varies from one casino to the other, but the typical range is 5-20%.

A cashback deal is a sign of goodwill by the casino. It’s intended to keep the players afloat by giving back some of the money they’ve lost and which can be used to place more bets. Before taking advantage of these incentives, it’s critical that you go through the terms and conditions clearly to understand what to expect.

For instance, although there are casinos that give cashback deals in real money, others prefer giving bonuses or free spins. Secondly, keep in mind that most casinos will refund some of the lost money up to a capped amount. For instance, Dafabet, which has the best cashback for Indian players at the moment, gives 10% cashback up to Rs 15,000.